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George W Bush visits Colombia

U.S. president George W. Bush visited Colombia for a few hours on Sunday 11 march 2007, to meet his Colombian counterpart Alvaro Uribe. They can be seen in the photograph below at each side of the table, with Pablo Escobar´s cousin Jose Obdulio Gaviria (center) presiding  the table.


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Now indexed

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Colombian President Proposes Temp Migrants Tagging

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, known in his country as the proprietor of several cattle ranchs, has proposed the implantation of electronic tags (microchips) inside the bodies of Colombians travelling into the United States with temporary work visas so they can be tracked down and eventually deported in case they decide to overstay their visas in the US.

Somehow it reminds me of the German Nazi regime tagging of the "impure minorities", only this is the President of Colombia proposing such a measure on his fellow citizens.



Uribe’s perception of a Colombian Temp Migrant Worker

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London Terror Attacks

It didn’t, even after 911, occurred to people in Spain or the UK, that they would be the target of Islamic extremists. Not until their governments sided along with the US in invading Iraq. Iraq’s domestic problems were disguised as an international threat. We have known now for a while that there were never WMD’s that justified the invasion. "Regime change" are now the words of choice, and third party armies inside Iraq are still threatened. After this, the Japanese are taking measures and preparing themselves to face a terror attack that some foresee as imminent as Londoners did after the Madrid attacks.

 In Spain, almost a million people marched against the country’s involvement in Iraq’s invasion, but the conservative government anyway dismissed that call and went to war. When the terror attacks happenned they didn’t doubt in blaming the Basque terrorists on it. Many people in Spain that were against the war in Iraq knew best. A few days after the bombing, Aznar’s government was history, and some time later, the Spanish contingent in Iraq, withdrawn. In truth, the Spanish people had spoken. Some could still argue that they were brought to submission by the terrorists, but also many would respond that having the muslims at the back door, it wouldn’t be such a good idea for Spain to disturb them at all.

Bombing London is another story. London has fought war for centuries, it has caught fire and risen again upon its ashes, it was consistently bombed with V1s and V2s during WW2, terrorised by the IRA and also by radical nutters. London knows better how to cope with damage.

After the Madrid Atocha Station attacks, the UK’s Central Government and the London local authorities have been reassuring residents of the very real threat of a terrorists’ attack. A number of emergency drills have taken place, people trained as well about how to respond to suspicious bags and evacuation procedures, and I would say that it was probably through these damage limitation procedures that a huge number of casualties was avoided last Thursday.

Tony Blair’s Labour party have recently retained the parliamentary majority required to stay in power, so I don’t see how in the short term his grip on power could be threatened. If something, the number of rebel backbencher MPs could increase and give his government a bit of a run for their money. I have no doubt, however, that Blair’s spinning skills, far more elegant than the Hippo’s in Disney’s Fantasy, could spin the terror acts of last Thursday into the terrorists’ own people’s doom, even regardless of collateral damage. Alastair Campbell knows best.

Blair dismissed, at the time he sent Britain to war, the odds that he could be bringing that war into home turf. I wouldn’t, at this point, deny he didn’t.

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The Morning After The Night Before

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Live 8 – The Final Push

About 60000 people attended to the Live 8 gig at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield stadium today. Musicians present at the concert included The Proclaimers, Jamie Cullum, Natasha Bedingfield, Wet Wet Wet, McFly, 1 Giant Leap, Annie Lennox, Sugarbabes, The Thrills, Midge Ure,Feeder, Embrace, Neneh Cherry, Youssou N’Dour, Beverley Knight, Texas, Kathryn Jenkins and Snow Patrol.
Proclaimers’ Charlie Reid opened the  show.
"In this box are 38 million people who are ready to go to work on this issue, and that’s just the Live 8 campaign.

"When you add to that 157 million people who signed up for the global action against poverty in 75 countries, I would call that permission to spend your money."  Bono

Other stars present at the concert, to introduce the musicians and give a piece of their mind regarding Africa’s problems were George Clooney, Lenny Henry, Davina McCall, Eddie Izzard, Bono, Susan Sarandon, Claudia Schiffer, Fran Healy, and of course, Bob Geldof.

George Clooney


According to The Times’  Lisa Verrico reviewing the show:

MUSICALLY, it was never going to match London’s Live 8, but being staged on the day G8 leaders arrived in Gleneagles, against a backdrop of demonstrations all over Scotland, Edinburgh 50,000 had the feel of a real political rally rather than a worthy pop concert. This wasn’t about rock legends reforming, flashy Yanks flying in to steal the show or gauging which band got the best Queen-like handclap from the crowd. It was a rather haphazard event full of passionate people who appeared to care as much about ending poverty as listening to pop.

To a non-Scot, the opening act The Proclaimers might have seemed distinctly second-rate compared with U2 and their doves, but in front of a sea of Scottish flags, the local band inspired an instant terrace chant and genuine outpouring of emotion with their 14-year- old hit 500 Miles. “Who says specs can’t do sex,” said host Lenny Henry, before changing into a kilt and furry sporran with horns. From the outside, it might have looked like gentle piss-taking, but inside Murrayfield, being Scottish — or at least pretending to have some sort of Scots affiliation — was a bonus. So we loved Jamie Cullum for draping his piano in a St Andrew’s flag for All You Need Is Love, a duet with Natasha Bedingfield; we excused Annie Lennox in a tartan scarf for a disappointing rendition of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song and we even joined in with Wet Wet Wet — admittedly, after some hesitation and only in the knowledge that the television cameras were pointing in a different direction — during the dreaded Love Is All Around.

Some of the biggest stars on stage were presenters, and not performers. George Clooney, Claudia Schiffer and Susan Sarandon delivered speeches, while Eddie Izzard told terrible jokes, played piano with Midge Ure during Ultravox’s Vienna, and filled in during a technical breakdown by conducting the crowd in Flower Of Scotland.

Bono hotfooted it from Glen-eagles with a black box that contained 38 million signatures of support and said that he had been campaigning on our behalf. Nelson Mandela sent a video message and Saint Bob decided this was a bill that he was big enough for and played Rat Trap and The Great Song Of Indifference.

African artists did get a look in, although not as many as had been promised. Youssou N’Dour was joined by Neneh Cherry for a sexy 7 Seconds and One Giant Leap brought along two African musicians whose names Izzard was not able to pronounce.

For a while, the speeches overshadowed the songs, but the big guns of Scot pop handed a wet night-time back to the fans. Texas’s Sharleen Spiteri bounced around and let fans take over Say What You Want.

Travis were almost drowned out during Why Does it Always Rain On Me? and Snow Patrol’s Run was a truly spine-tingling moment. Want to know the difference between here and Hyde Park? Not one of them was wearing sunglasses. This was a rare rock concert it wasn’t cool to look cool at.

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